That;s me in the middle

That;s me in the middle

Monday, September 8, 2014

Because Amanda Curtis is our new Democratic Senate Candidate, everyone should have easy access to her youtube videos   I do like this one about her mail from "non partisan non taxed entities" If you have ever run for office, you know about getting lots of "educational material" from those non profits like AIPAC and the Heartland Institute

At Day 86 you can learn that House Bill 282 raised taxes for most Montanan's while lowering them for the wealthiest amongst us(4:15),at five minutes in, you can learn about Mark Blasdel adding four pages of amendments to a 14 line Bill.

Three minutes in to day 85 Amanda destroys the heavily publicized claim that the Republicans were unable to bring tax relief to Montanan's, and the first two and a half minutes of Day 83 describes what happened to the last Insurance Bill

You may be starting to believe that I have no intention of letting the Insurance Issue go. I don't we all know too many people that need affordable access to preventative healthcare and cannot get it. I believe that Mark Blasdel's own employees fall into that category.

If you care about this, the way that I do, please get behind your local candidates, but ask them what they will do first! For instance, Kim Flemming in House District 11 does not support any Medicaid expansion. The two people MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR DENYING 70,000 working Montanan's access to affordable healthcare are Mark Blasdel and David Howard. It is my heartfelt desire that Mark Blasdel and David Howard get to spend this winter safely at home with their own families rather than working to deny resources to vulnerable Montana families.

This is our choice point, the place where we get to decide to accept that the rules of our lives are governed by individuals that do not give a blip about us and the well being of our families, or we can put some initiative into educating ourselves and our neighbors about the people like Blasdel and Howard. Please support their iopponents Diane Taylor and Elli Elliot in their work to send those dark money lovers home to their families where they belong.

Elli made it easy to share how you can contribute to her, so her information is below.
Checks to: Elli for SD 29
P. O. Box 2326
Red Lodge, MT 59068
The donation limit is $170 per individual. Please include your occupation and employer for reporting purposes.
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