That;s me in the middle

That;s me in the middle

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weather Ready Nation

This is pretty cool, our government just launched a campaign to get us ready to learn how to survive the weather. Notice that this is a governmental function, not a private enterprise trying to save your lives.

Wyoming Did It, Why Not Billings?

 Jocelyn "Howard, from Edinboro, Pennsylvania, uses the human figure in her work as a vehicle for narratives involving themes of sexuality, gender identity, religion, adulthood and play. She conjures fairy tale whimsy to reveal deeper, sometimes darker struggles, seeking to expose hidden complexities and struggles. The use of childhood objects reveals a more primal nature, she said, helping strip away the veneer acquired by adults."

 Howard, is one of the eight Red Lodge Clay Center artists with an Exhibit opening at the Northwest Gallery in Powell, Wyoming on Tuesday Feb. 24th.

 A red herring named Pedophilia crashed through the  planned civility of a Wyoming House  committee meeting, nosed around for sore spots before gathering all the sexual ambivalence it could muster, before being sucked out of the room in the wake of  Go now Harlan 'when hell freezes over' Edmonds, just GO NOW!

Senate File 115,which adds “sexual orientation or gender identity” to existing laws that protect people from discrimination based on race, religion, age and other protected classes. passed the Senate and a House committee   Although it is not a full blown law yet, The first state to grant women the right to vote is already looking to put places like Billings to shame for it's fearful foot dragging. Again.
Rep. Harlan Edmonds, R-Cheyenne, was kicked out of the House Labor, Health and Social Services meeting Friday, after proposing an amendment to the bill that would make it effective when “hell freezes over,” instead of the date of July 1.
Committee Chairwoman Rep. Elaine Harvey, R-Lovell, had started the Friday afternoon meeting insisting that people would remain civil. She told Edmonds to leave after his comment, which followed a more than two-hour discussion in which he also asked the bill’s supporters why pedophilia wasn’t in the bill.
“We said civility would prevail,” Harvey said.
Senate File 115 passed with six representatives in favor and two in opposition.
As he was leaving the committee room, Edmonds tried to register a vote, but Harvey interjected and said his vote wouldn’t count.
Edmonds’ ejection was the talk of the Legislature for the rest of Friday. Many longtime observers said that while some members of the public have been tossed from committees, this was the first time they’d seen a lawmaker removed from a meeting.
Billings Mayor Tom Hanel is one of those unfortunate souls that lacks the ability to believe in anything more than the crumbs left under the table by lowest  common denominator  of society, tell him that we can have more good jobs with less pollution if we learn to keep our minds out of other peoples bedrooms. If Wyoming can do it... 

Mowing Down Prejudice is a sweet video of Mr and Mr Johnson, 'naturists' in South Africa doing a little yard work with a really long extension cord. Warning-they don't compost their yard waste!