That;s me in the middle

That;s me in the middle

Thursday, September 8, 2016

How Does Knife River Factor Standing Sioux?

Knife River trucks participated in the Shock and Awe tactics the oil and gas industry employed against the Protectors.

Recall the imperialist history of the dogs

Rather than pay a fair tax to the states or investing in the communities turned upside down in the boom and bust of their industry, Bakken Holdings has chosen to be one of the multi nationals financing the Shock and Awe on the Standing Rock Sioux.

Send those pipes to Flint, Michigan.

Turnabout Is Fair Play

How can anyone question Zinke's support of Trump without answering for their own support of Clinton?

Hey Montana Democrats!

How long are you going to let Corey Stapelton believe that the Secretary of State is in charge of alcohol and lottery ticket sales? Please support Monica Lindeen for Secretary of State.

Did Clinton's Democrat's Steal The Green New Deal?

They call it "Green Industrial Revolution", but are not comfortable enough with the language or concept to speak it clearly like Jill Does
Come on Democrats, Van Jones published The Green Collar Economy two election cycles ago.get it together.


Flathead Democrats-Complacent, Lazy, or McCarthite?

What the hay? You guys really need to up your game, this is just pathetic.