That;s me in the middle

That;s me in the middle

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The 18 Trillion Dollar Talking Point

\> Notice How often it comes up when the discussion is about meeting human needs, not so much when it comes to weapons. Imagine the money spent on this Heavy Metal. The USA's spending on weapons is such an ingrained behavior that we have taken to simultaneously arming two or more sides of the same conflict. 18 Trillion Debt indeed.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Did Dis Daines Dirty His Britches?

I have come to think of him as "Dirty Water Daines" because he voted against the Clean Water Act during the grueling eight days that Congress worked in August, but the way he kept holding his breath and bearing down while Amanda spoke reminds me of a little kid in the act of dirtying his britches.

Shutdown Steve is obviously not happy when he does not get his way. Of course nothing is ever his responsibility. Little britches he whined about Nancy Pelosi or President Obama several (how many?) times, and he complained (a lot) about D.C. problems.   Then he claimed that it cost too much to provide coverage for the people who do the work we call home health care. It does cost big companies like Lantis and others money to pay their employees, and it cost them money to insure their employees as well.

 The post debate panel was far too apologetic of Dirty Water Daines to be anywhere near objective. The "18 trillion dollar national debt" talking point that keeps coming up- last night it was Zinke, tonight it was Bob Brown, who also chose to blame Obama although neither Brown, Daine,, or Zinke ever complains when the government blows millions or billions on war toys for their cronies. It seemed to me that Dirty Water Daines was also on the verge of holding his breath and stomping his little feet every time he did or did not get his way in D.C. Then again, the men in the studio seemed to think that Dirty Water Daines looked and acted normal. Imagine that.

Photo from the Button Valley Bugle-read it