That;s me in the middle

That;s me in the middle

Monday, November 23, 2015

JFK Lost In Paris

I post this picture of the flash fundraiser they held for Denise Juneau the evening that she announced she would run  against Zinke so that the bloggers can see that she does have the support of people that show up and do the work. Maybe you didn't notice because everyone has been so busy. I'm not quite sure what to think about the guy who is to challenge Tim Fox.

The Montana Innocence Project - a passion of former Senator Dan Weinberg - is going to release their first exonerated inmate like maybe later today, announced Barry Beach  at his own party with Margie MacDonald, Mayor Hannel, and a room full of  supporters at his home from prison gathering this weekend.

News of late has been non-stop ISIS, saber rattling and pressure to give up more of our civil liberties. Curious, so very curious that the TPP hasn't been on the news.
You can find some interesting stuff on banking and the transportation bill if you look.

Not much news happens anymore. There is terrorism, and long stories about Hillary's campaign, then something Trump said. Darn, I almost forgot that the news keeps reporting that we cannot afford to have clean air or water. Corporations are getting bigger (Plum Creek, Cabela's, Allergan, Canadian Pacific), changing their names, but why? Strandberg asked some interesting questions & observations last week.

With so much chatter about France and getting tough on terror, nobody thought to ask Jeb! about Rebuilding America's Defences. The 52nd anniversary of JFK's assassination was nearly unnoticed. I would have missed it myself if it wasn't for Justin Franz.